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Project Description:

The second edition of the Macedonian Energy Forum was organized by JSC Power Plants of North Macedonia (JSC ESM), United States Embassy in North Macedonia, ZIP Institute and the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia. The Energy forum’s mission was to contribute to a more versatile, inclusive and direct exchange of knowledge and ideas about the process of energy transition of the European, regional and Macedonian energy sectors. The Energy forum continued to be a diverse and high-level platform for stakeholders in the energy area to discuss energy challenges, policies and future collaboration. The Energy forum aimed at enabling improved policies and at building a lasting cooperation network. 


Sponsored by: EVN, Embassy of France, Embassy of Spain, ProCredit Bank, Okta, Maya, Tikves, Lukoil, Inter-Milk

Funded by: U.S. Embassy Skopje and AD ESM

Implementing Period: 15-17 May 2019