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Executive Director at ZIP Institute

At ZIP, Agim is involved in managing the entire organization, fund-raising, as well as managing its projects… read more


Project and Office Manager

Jovana has obtained her BA in translation at the facultyof philology Blaze Koneski. Over the past two years at ZIP, she handles day to day tasks, assists in numerous project implementations, coordinates project activities and ensures a proper reporting and documentation of said activities.


External Acountant 

Liridona works as external accountant at ZIP. Her duties are mainly related to the administration of the overall financial aspects of the organization, making sure that ZIP’s finances are managed in a sound and efficient manner.
Fexhri Pic

Fexhri Selami

Project and Event Coordinator

Fexhri is the Project and Event Coordinator at ZIP serving as the driving force behind the success of key projects and events of ZIP. His day to day-to-day efforts aligns projects with ZIPs goals, and communicates the results across audience and key stakeholders.


Kelsey Monaco

Peace Corps Volunteer

Kelsey is a Peace Corps Volunteer, she works with youth in the Saraj community center founded by ZIP, to promote engagement and active citizenship, including gender awareness, employability, health education, environmental awareness, sports and fitness programs, and information technology.


Ruzhdije Kurtishi

Finance and Office Coordinator

Ruzhdije is our valuable staff member. She is a very dedicated in doing her duties promptly and reliably. She accepts the guidance and decisions of the project managers. Willing to learn and participate in orientation, training programs, and meetings.