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Activity: Forum discussion for institutional treatment of touristic potentials of Saraj (creating local strategy for rural tourism of Saraj)
Donor: Rural Development Network of the Republic of Macedoniathrough We Effect
Supported by: Komuna Saraj-Municipality of Saraj-Општина Сарај,Град Скопје and EVN

During the forum we discussed about the following topics:

Fexhri Selami – a brief explanation of project activities, goals and objectives
Dzelal Jakupi – Municipality of Saraj as a “tourist oasis” of the City of Skopje
Svetlana Petrovska – Consultant The importance of mapping tourism and creating promotion tools
Dimche Smilev – City of Skopje Tourism of the city as an important pillar of local economic development
Izeta Babachich – Cultural and educational function tourism in addition to the unused tourist capacities of the Municipality of Saraj