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Tag: 2019

P29. My Money, My Responsibility

Full Title: Мои пари, Моја Одговорност - Партиципативно Буџетирање My Money, My Responsibility - Participatory Budgeting in Macedonian Municipalities [spacer height="20px"] Project Description: The overall goal of the project is improving the practice of, and increasing the number of relevant stakeholders to be engaged in the processes of local budgeting, and increasing…

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We have kick started a project that seeks to advance the role of civil society organizations in providing social services in North Macedonia and Albania. The project run in cooperation with Corvinus University of Budapest, Comenius University in Bratislava, Charles University in Czech Republic, and Institute for Romani Culture, Albania, has been made possible thanks to International…

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P1. Politics and Policy-Making at the Local Level (POL-LOC)

Project Description: The project “Politics and Policy-Making at the Local Level” (POL-LOC) aims at conducing university students and perspective university teachers/researchers from the CEE countries to enhance the focus on local government and related issues; advancing courses linked to local government and related issues. Among the objectives of the project are initiation and establishment of…

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