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Project Description:

The idea of this project is to increase the awareness of the population about the importance of the canyon Matka as a tourist and natural capacity for the municipality of Saraj, the city of Skopje, and the entire Skopje region. Apart from the poor infrastructure and waste, the biggest problem that has popped up lately is informal urbanism that usurps the space and creates general chaos in the canyon. Matka is a paradise for endemic animals, insects, reptiles, and herbs and is a rare example of green tourism in Northern Macedonia. The preservation of the Matka site from negative phenomena is more than necessary. It is precisely the civil sector that can be a bridge of cooperation between the key institutions for managing with Matka: the city of Skopje and the municipality of Saraj.



Funded by: Ambassade de France a Skopje 

Implementing Period: June 2019