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P9. Inclusive Society of Young Roma in Macedonia

Full Title:
Creating Strengthening Blocks for Healthy and Inclusive Society of Young Roma in Macedonia

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Project Description:

The project targets the young Roma population, but without exclusion of other marginalized young people interested in this project’s activities and provides educative workshops with the following aims and purposes:

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(i) Informing and motivating teenagers to make decisions safely in regard to their growing up/maturing process and their sexual and reproductive health;

(ii) Developing capacities of young Roma in the process of continuous transition from adolescence to adulthood;

(iii) Enabling adolescents to develop life skills such as empathy, self-conscience, interpersonal relations, effective communication, critical and creative thinking, problem resolution, decision making, coping with stress;

(iv) Facilitating the process of maturing, in order the adolescents to grow up into healthy confident adult people;

(v) Creating and raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, STD and other reproductive-health complications; &

(vi) Enabling positive behavior of adolescents and creating space when they can speak their minds and feelings.

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Funded by: Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of North Macedonia 

Implementing Period: September 2015 – December 2015