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Organizations in North Macedonia

Name of organizationDate of establishmentField of workTypes of servicesContact info
First Children's Embassy in the World Megjashi29-04-92Social protectionPsycho-social, legal and other kinds of assistanceTel: +389 2 2465-316 E-mail: Web:
Association of Social Workers of the City of Skopje1973Social protectionHelping citizens in a state of social riskTel: +389 2 3212-690 E-mail: Web:
Association for the Rights of Children and Youth with Special Needs "Lastovica"2002Social protectionPromoting the rights of children and youth with disabilitiesTel: +389 78 442 794 E-mail: Web:
Association for protection of children's rights1998Social protectionIntroduction and application of laws, policies and practices that promote the well-being of childrenTel: +389 2 2651636 E-mail: Web:
Association "Doverba" Kumanovo28.03.2001Social protectionOrganizing seminars, public forums to strengthen physical and mental health, networking with other associations with similar goalsTel: +389 70380381 E-mail: Web:
Crisis center "Nadez"2000Social protectionAdvocacy, education and support for termination of violence against women and domestic violenceTel: +389 2 3173 424 E-mail: Web:
SOS Children’s Village1949Social protectionProgram for support of foster care families and child development, youth careTel: + 389(0)2 3290 556 E-mail: Web:
Association Hops Skopje1997Social protectionActivities aimed at improving the status of marginalized groups in societyTel: +389 (0)2 3 246 205 E-mail: Web:
Youth Cultural Center Bitola1997Social protectionDeveloping young people's creative potentials and fostering civic activismTel: +389 (0)47 233 020 E-mail: Web:
Citizens' Association for Research, Communications and Development PABLIK, Skopje2012Social protectionMonitors and promotes the development of social enterprises in Macedonia; analyzes the processes of social inclusion with a focus on work integrationTel: +389 (0)2 2466 444 E-mail: Web:
Disability Services Association Handimak1999Social protectionImprove the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families;
Promote equal rights and opportunities for people with disabilities (PWDs
Tel: +389 44 614 314 E-mail: Web:
Multukultura Tetovo2000Social protectionFree legal aid; Assisting in providing better conditions for people with disabilitiesTel: +38944/377-775 E-mail: Web:
National network to end violence against women and domestic violence "Voice Against Violence"2010Social protectionRecognition of women’s human rights and their promotionTel: +389(0)26160016 E-mail: Web:
Citizens Association for the Treatment of People with Autism, ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome "Vo mojot svet"2011Social protectionAssistance and support to people with autism spectrum disorders and their families in accessing information on early diagnostics, therapies and treatmentsTel: + 389 02/2461-340 E-mail: Web:
The Republic Center for Support of Persons with Intellectual Disability – PORAKA1963Social protectionInitiatives for improving the legal opportunities an policies regarding persons with intellectual disability on national levelTel: +389 02 329 6961 E-mail:
The Association for Equal Opportunities “SEMPER” – Bitola2002Social protectionProjects connected with activities for marginalized groups, Roma population, children etc.Tel: +389 70 339-296 E-mail: Web:
Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women (?S?)1994Social protectionImproving exercise of social and economic rights by vulnerable groups of citizensTel: + 389 (0) 2 3298 295 E-mail: Web:
National Association of People with Physical Disability of Macedonia - MOBILITY MACEDONIA1986Social protectionParticipation in policy-making at national level on all issues related to persons with physical disabilities;Tel: +389 (0)2 3 211 280 Web:
Humanitarian Association for the help and support of people with disabilities
"Bravura Cooperativa"
2004Social protectionSocial inclusion; professional orientation work trainingTel: +389 78 349673 Web:
Health Education and Research Association HERA2000Social protectionEncourages social change to ensure sexual rights for all and to enable improved sexual and reproductive health education and servicesTel: +389 (0)2 3290 395 E-mail: Web: