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Organizations in Czech Republic

Name of organizationDate of establishmentField of workTypes of servicesContact info
IQ Roma servis..1997Social protectionInclusion of Roma (social assistance, education, consulting)Tel: +420 543213210 E-mail: Web:
Centrum J.J. Pestalozziho (Center of J.J. Pestalozzi)1999Social protectionConsulting, education and social services for marginalized groupsTel: +420 469623083 E-mail: Web:
Centrum Martin (Center Martin)2002Social protectionSocial-terapheutic workshops for disabled young people (training workplaces)Tel: +420 731 449 665 E-mail: Web:
?lov?k v tísni (People in need)1999Social protection, development aidProjects for socially excluded localities, social inclusionTel: +420 226200400 E-mail: Web:
Nezisková organizace Liská pouta (non-profit organization Lidská pouta)2014Social protectionProjects against domestic violence (againts women, children, old people)Tel: +420 777817713 E-mail: Web:
Centrum RUBIKON (Center Rubikon)2012Social protectionHelp and work agency for people coming back from prisonTel: +420739470408 E-mail: Web:
Kv?tina (non-profit organization Kv?tina)2006Social protectionSocial services in the region of Teplice, focus on socially excluded localities, support of children and familiesTel: +420 721568898 E-mail: Web:
Fokus Praha (Fokus Prague)1990Social protectionServices for mentally handicapped peopleTel: +420233553303 E-mail: Web:
Oblastní charita ?ervený Kostelec (Charitable organization of region ?ervený Kostelec)2004Social protectionHospice for dying people, care of sick peopleTel: +420 491610300 E-mail: Web:
Charita Záb?eh (Charitable organization Záb?eh)1992Social protectionSupport of marginalized groupsTel: +420 583412587 E-mail: Web: