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Strengthening the social peace through the establishment of good relations of field officers of confessions (Imams and Priests) readressing their role in public life and the correct transfer of messages in religious rituals (namaz and liturgies). We aim to open the Churches and Mosques to all citizens, with open days that we plan in the project, it will allow the destruction of prejudices, and the ability of believers to learn about the values of one religion and the being phisically in the the temples (Churches and Mosques).

Target Group

Imams of mosques and priests of the churches mentioned, gravitatin to places where there is a mixed religious composition of the municipality of Saraj and Gorce Petrov Municipality; Dzemat (visitors to mosques) Believers (visitors of Churches).


  • Visibly changed perception of religious coexistence, through already held gatherings of believers and religious officials, mutual visits of major religious holidays, joint participation of religious officials in various sociological lectures related to the role of the priests in defense of social multicultural values.
  • Communication established with different religious leaders about issues which affects both communities equally on either side, and joint approaches of the leaders at a press conference where they transmitted messages of coexistence and tolerance.
  • Religious coexistence influency balanced of politics on religion with accurate overview of the roles of all actors of civil society, by written mutual position of the two organizations addressed to all media and political parties, with a clearly-written intention to condemn all tendencies for abuse of faith ‘with order to finally separate the political parties from religion.
  • Established need for Well-informed priests, properly trained for their positioning as a major pillar in the protection of peace and coexistence in these municipalities and beyond.

This project is funded by CIVICA Mobilitas.


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