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GREENTOUR: Discover the hidden gems of Saraj and Lebane!

Plan a journey through the breathtaking natural wonders of Saraj and Lebane. From majestic mountains to serene rivers and lush forests to picturesque valleys, our animated video showcases the unparalleled beauty of these regions. Join us in promoting sustainable tourism and environmental conservation through the GREEN TOUR project. Let's preserve and cherish these pristine landscapes…

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Saraj and Lebane Together for Green Tourism – GREEN TOUR

This project is part of the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme SRB-MK. The project aims to promote sustainable, eco-conscious tourism in Saraj and Lebane while fostering cross-border cooperation and preserving the natural beauty of these regions for future generations. Funding: Government of the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Finance, Department for Contracting and Financing of EU…

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MEF Energy Forum 2024

MEF 2024 takes place in a somewhat more stable energy environment this year. Most actors recovered from the energy crisis or built greater resilience toward energy volatility and energy challenges. However, there is still a lot of open discussion about the repowering trajectory and its pace. How can states, the private sector and citizens repower…

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Early Bird Registration for MEF24

⏰ Early Bird Alert! ⏰ Secure your spot at the forefront of energy innovation! MEF24 is offering a limited-time Early Bird Registration until April 1st. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the conversation on a renewable future at an exclusive rate. Join us in shaping “The New Energy Landscape: Recovered, Repowered, Repurposed.” Register Now:…

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Meeting with State Secretary at the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning in North Macedonia

28/11/2023 Today, the ZIP Team engaged in a meeting with Mr. Nebi Rexhepi, State Secretary at the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning in North Macedonia. Our objective was to establish formal cooperation within the framework of the Skopje Climate Assembly, focusing on the critical issue of air pollution. This initiative is notable as it marks…

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