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18-20 November, 2013: Upcoming Training on Promoting Social Business among Youth in Macedonia

Youth4Development photo 1The training is part of a project  that is aimed at increasing awareness and skills for social business among two main target groups: (a) young people in Macedonia and (b) potential disseminators/multipliers. Thus, 20 young people in Macedonia will be trained on social business through offering innovative web based tools, learning materials, a three-day workshop coordinated with ZIP and SEED trainers.

Potential disseminators like start-up centres, other NGOs, or employment service centres will be engaged by providing them useful training materials and resources and establishing a network of interested partners.

ZIP Institute is implementing this project in collaboration with its main partner from Switzerland, SEED.

Venue: YES Incubator premises, Skopje

Trainers: Chiara Bramani, Agim Selami, Ana Stojilovska

Note: The participants have already been selected for this training.