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Kick off Online Meeting

The first activity of the Civil De De was the Online Kick Off Meeting was held on 17th December 2014. It gathered representatives of all project partners who discussed the following issues:

– Calendar of activities, with a brief discussion on each activity separately. The main focus was put on the first activities: selection of participants from Macedonia and Kosovo, and their needs assessment. The call for applications as well as the methodology for needs assessment are going to be drafted by ZIP and then shared with GLPS, so as to ensure a unified approach is being applied by both organizations during the two phases. We will select 5-7 participants from Kosovo, and 5-7 participants from Macedonia.

– All partners undertook responsibility to put information about the project along with IVF and Korean MFA logos on their respective websites. They may copy the text from our site

-It was agreed that each Visegrad country partner organization will be in charge of identifying experts about the online webinars from their respective countries so as to enable transfer of Visegrad experiences and knowledge to the Western Balkans. The webinars, each run across a whole week, will cover the following areas:
1st week: methods of cooperation between CSOs;
2nd: strategic needs analysis for CSOs;
3rd: advocacy and networking strategy planning;
4th: public policies evaluation;
5th: project management with limited resources;
6th: digital media communication techniques.