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Tag: european union

Enhancing Capacities of Jegunovce CICR

Подобрување на работата на комисијата за односите меѓу заедниците во општина Јегуновце [spacer height="20px"] Enhancing the capacities of the Commission for Inter Community Relations (CICR) in Jegunovce, supported by European Union, through the project Diversity is trendy-promoting local multiculturalism - Association For Democratic Initiatives (ADI) [spacer height="20px"] POLICY PAPER

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P25. Joint Forces for Common Interests

Project Description: The main objective is to strengthen the influence of civil society in furthering relations through participatory democracy which will result with recognition by the public institutions of the importance of engaging civil society organizations in decision-making that will contribute for improvement of governance. This will result in the establishment of a strong…

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P10. Enhancing Capacities of CICR in Saraj

Full title: Enhancing capacities of the Commission for Inter-Community Relations (CICR) at the municipality of Saraj [spacer height="20px"] Project Description: The project’s main objective is to build multicultural society and strengthen the intercultural dialogue. The specific goals of the project are strengthening the effective participation of all communities in public life on…

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