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Tag: 2017

P33. PACT – Partnership for Actions on Cohabitation and Tolerance

Project Description: The project seeks to open the dialogue between different young theology students from different religious groups, as well as their religious leaders to understand better the manipulations and misrepresentations of religion for the purposes of political gain or incitement of hate speech and violence. By bringing together three different religious communities in…

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P30. Young Ambassadors for a Zero-Corruption Society at Local Level

Project Description: The overall goal of the project proposal is to encourage an anti-corruption culture among youth from vulnerable and marginalized communities and strengthen partnership with local authorities for equal services to all citizens in the Municipalities of Shuto Orizari, Saraj, Butel and Gazi Baba. This would be achieved through two major objectives: i)…

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P29. My Money, My Responsibility

Full Title: Мои пари, Моја Одговорност - Партиципативно Буџетирање My Money, My Responsibility - Participatory Budgeting in Macedonian Municipalities [spacer height="20px"] Project Description: The overall goal of the project is improving the practice of, and increasing the number of relevant stakeholders to be engaged in the processes of local budgeting, and increasing…

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P28. Introducing Social Entrepreneurship in the Work of NGOs in Macedonia

Project Description: The aim of the project “Introducing Social Entrepreneurship in the work of Civil Society Organizations in Macedonia” is to introduce civil society organizations with the benefits of integrating social entrepreneurship in their work". This project will also prepare these organizations to install a social entrepreneurship component within their activities as a means…

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P25. Joint Forces for Common Interests

Project Description: The main objective is to strengthen the influence of civil society in furthering relations through participatory democracy which will result with recognition by the public institutions of the importance of engaging civil society organizations in decision-making that will contribute for improvement of governance. This will result in the establishment of a strong…

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