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Tag: 2016

P25. Joint Forces for Common Interests

Project Description: The main objective is to strengthen the influence of civil society in furthering relations through participatory democracy which will result with recognition by the public institutions of the importance of engaging civil society organizations in decision-making that will contribute for improvement of governance. This will result in the establishment of a strong…

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P22. Introducing Social Entrepreneurship in the Work of CSOs in Macedonia

Project Description: The overall objective of the project "Introduction of social entrepreneurship in the work of civil society organizations" is to contribute to sustainable development of civil society by strengthening the capacities of organizations to incorporate the values component of social entrepreneurship in the work of civil society organizations. The target group is primarily…

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P20. A Family Affair?

Project Description: The research on the project will attempt to provide insight into the dynamics and the volume of external influences on the Albanian societies in the fields of politics, economy, academia and popular culture with respect to the departing premise of the study – that of the consequential side-effects deriving from institutional dysfunctionality…

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P19. Bojane Grape Festival

Project Description: Bojane Grape Festival - Edition II is a traditional manifestation of promotion and development of the Bojane bio grapes. Actually, it is consisted of a wide palette of activities starting from June to October each year. The whole manifestation for 2016 was divided into three phases. The first phase are study visits…

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