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Panel 2: Just Transition: Comprehensive Approach Towards Clean Energy Transition
Keynote address: Dr. Steven S. Burns, USAID Chief of Energy and Infrastructure for Europe and Eurasia (virtual)
Keynote address: Dr. Heinz Hetmeier, Head of Department for EU Economic Policy, German Ministry for Economy and Energy (virtual)
Moderator: Aleksandar Dedinec, MANU
– Vasko Kovachevski, General Manager, AD ESM
– Jonathan Walters “Just Transition Diagnostic”- project/ Delegation of the European Union
– Kushtrim Ramadani, General Manager, AD MEPSO
– Stefan Peter, CEO, EVN Macedonia
– Elodie Salle, Head of the Secretariat for the Initiative for Coal Regions in Transition in the Western Balkans and Ukraine, Ecorys (virtual)