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Project Description:

This project focuses on the complementarity of the immediate consequences and effects in North Macedonia of the waves of migration and the influx of refugees in recent years on one hand, and the phenomena of radicalization and violent extremism among individuals across different religions and belief systems on another. Our goals are:

i) to counter the hateful rhetoric towards refugees and the anti-migrant propaganda; and 

ii) to investigate and analyze the occurrences that lead towards radicalization and violent extremism and how community involvement comes into place with regards to both parts of the project

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The project is supported by Youth for Development, Project East from Switzerland and jointly implemented with Associazione Seed, a Swiss nonprofit active in the spheres of education, international development and digital technologies. 

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Funded by: The National Youth Council of Switzerland, implemented jointly with Association SEED, Switzerland

Implementing Period: November 2016 – August 2017