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Organizations in Hungary

Name of organizationDate of establishmentField of workTypes of servicesContact info
The Autonomia Foundation1990Social protectionPromotes civil society development. It supports civil initiatives in which people mobilize the available local resources to reach their goals. We partner with Roma and non-Roma civil organizations in our development and grant giving activities among marginalized people.1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 14. II/9.
Phone: +36 1 237 6020
Roma Education Fund2005Social protectionDedicated to closing the gap in educational outcomes between Roma and non-Roma. With an active and growing network of representative offices across Central, Eastern, South Eastern Europe and Turkey, REF provides grants and scholarships to entities and individuals who share its belief in quality, inclusive education and desegregated schools and classroomsE-mail:
Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta1113Social protectionThe Sovereign Order of Malta is a lay religious order of the Catholic Church operating since 1113, the Sovereign Order of Malta has diplomatic relations with over 100 states and the European Union, and permanent observer status at the United Nations. Phone: + 36 1/39-14-700 E-mail: Web :
A Város Mindenkié Pécs2009Social protectionFormed by homeless people and their allies who want to work for an equal and just society.Phone: 0630-167-2588 E-mail: Web:
Vazdune Cherhaja Emelked? Csillagok Roma N?k Egyesülete2013Social protectionAn association that aims to promote the integration of disadvantaged groups, social, cultural, educational activities, healthy lifestyle education, entertainment, talent development, nature and environmental protection, children's and youth programs and employment promotion programs. Facebook:
Khetanipe Romano Centro1999Social protectionPromotes Roma children and youth; strengthening their identity, acquiring the Roma language; fostering culture; boosting community life, improving the living conditions of Roma and protecting their rights.Phone: +36 72 510 274 E-mail: Web:
Lépjünk, hogy léphessenek2009Social protectionRepresents the interests of children with disabilities. It was created by concerned parents who want to improve the rights, opportunities, and lives of their children.Phone: +36 70 315 6924 Web:
Aurora Foundation2014Social protectionSocial enterprise which was created to connect cultural programs, civil and activist organizations work, community building and fun in an open communityPhone: +36308991821 E-mail: Web: