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TOEFL Exam Preparation

Come take TOEFL exam preparation courses at ZIP!TOEFL Exam Preparation

Want to take TOEFL exam preparation classes from a native English speaker with American education?
Take advantage of this unique opportunity and prepare for your exam with ZIP Institute!
1. A native English speaker
Bettina Jones is an American trained in higher education and public policy. She has a bachelor’s degree in English literature and a Master’s degree in public and international affairs from the University of Pittsburgh. She is an expert in English communication/writing and has extensive experience with American standardized tests.
2. Excellent working environment and infrastructure
Our office seems to be made for classes. It has plenty of light and work space, but it is relaxed at the same time. We will provide TOEFL exam materials and paper/pens for our students to use. We aim to create a friendly space where you can make friends and prepare for your future at the same time.
3. Working in small groups
We will limit the classes to 10* students so that you might have as much individual attention from the teacher and practice as much as you can. The TOEFL is a very active exam, including individual speaking exercises and questions requiring critical thinking. Therefore we think that a small class size is absolutely necessary to do well.
4. Flexible schedule
We will build the class schedule around students’ availability so that everyone can take advantage of the classes. Depending on interest we may have multiple classes per week so life’s complications won’t get in the way of you preparing for the exam.

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