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MEF 2024 takes place in a somewhat more stable energy environment this year. Most actors recovered from the energy crisis or built greater resilience toward energy volatility and energy challenges. However, there is still a lot of open discussion about the repowering trajectory and its pace. How can states, the private sector and citizens repower and repurpose energy capacities for an era where geopolitical challenges are a constant while technological innovation is not yet sufficiently deployed? Many countries, including Western Balkan ones, embark on ambitious plans to replace coal capacities with renewable energy sources and repurpose their assets and human capital for the new RES-powered world. But what has to occur for timely, just, and innovative energy repowering and repurposing?It is the seventh edition of MEF, where we can proudly say that the energy discussions have evolved and matured to make us the most relevant platform to cross-fertilize ideas for energy repowering across the public, private, civil society and academic sectors. Thus, it is the prime event to address the above-stated questions and provide direction and fresh views on how we all need to build a renewable energy landscape.