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Image of employability of end-users of the Saraj career counseling center

This project is focused on reducing barriers to labor market integration and increasing the employability skills of vulnerable individuals in Saraj. After conducting a comprehensive needs assessment on the target community, ZIP Institute created an annual training plan centered around providing participants with the skills and knowledge needed to achieve gainful employment in their local community.

This project has had 5 main activities:

(1) the inauguration of the first career counseling and service center in Saraj,

(2) an event to help build the capacities of the project team to provide trainings for vulnerable youth,

(3) a two-day barista training for youth to learn about the art of coffee making,

(4) a training on culinary tourism and hospitality, and

(5) a sustainable entrepreneurship summer school focused on hospitality and tourism.

Funding: Национален Младински Совет на Македонија – НМСМ / NYCM / KRNM, European Union