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Skopje Climate Assembly’s first session

Today marks the kick-off of the Skopje Climate Assembly’s first session!

65 randomly selected citizens from diverse ethnic backgrounds and all walks of life in Skopje and coming together as a microcosm of our city, have united to tackle the urgent issue of air pollution in Skopje. Their diverse perspectives will pave the way for innovative solutions and a cleaner, healthier future for our city!

Stay tuned for updates on the insightful discussions and proposals as these dedicated citizens collaborate to bring about positive change for our environment…

Social Enterprising Europe Project – Second Partner Meeting held in Skopje, 20-23 May, 2013

The second partner meeting of the Social Enterprising Europe Project, funded with the support of the European Commission. During the meeting, all Work Packages were thoroughly discussed and deadlines for the next outputs and activities were set. ZIP, as a leader of the Quality Assurance Work Package, led a focus group that was aimed at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the project implementation so far. The next meeting of the project is set for November 2013, and it will be held in Lugano, Switzerland.

Workshop on Boosting Employability Skills among Youth in Macedonia, held in Skopje on 17-20 May, 2013

ZIP Institute in cooperation with its partner Seed organized the workshop on “Boosting Employability Skills among Youth in Macedonia” which is part of the project financed by the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland. A total of 15 young people, mainly graduates and students who are on the eve of job hunting benefited from this training. The training sessions were mainly led by Sofija Cali, an experienced trainer in the field of youth employment, however, some of the sessions were led by Agim and Ana from ZIP and Luca from Seed. In the following link, you may find a set of pictures taken during the event

SEE Project Kick-off Meeting held in Antwerp, 25-28 Nov, 2012

ZIP Institute representatives took part at the SEE project kick-off meeting that was held between 25-28 of November, 2012, in Antwerp, Belgium. The kick-off meeting addressed key issues related to the forthcoming implementation of the project such as: communication among project partners, project budget, elaboration of all work packages etc. During the meeting, it was decided that the next project meeting to be held in spring 2013, will be organized in Skopje. ZIP, along with YES Foundation, will be the hosts of the project consortium.