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GREENTOUR: Discover the hidden gems of Saraj and Lebane!

Plan a journey through the breathtaking natural wonders of Saraj and Lebane. From majestic mountains to serene rivers and lush forests to picturesque valleys, our animated video showcases the unparalleled beauty of these regions. Join us in promoting sustainable tourism and environmental conservation through the GREEN TOUR project. Let's preserve and cherish these pristine landscapes…

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Saraj and Lebane Together for Green Tourism – GREEN TOUR

This project is part of the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme SRB-MK. The project aims to promote sustainable, eco-conscious tourism in Saraj and Lebane while fostering cross-border cooperation and preserving the natural beauty of these regions for future generations. Funding: Government of the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Finance, Department for Contracting and Financing of EU…

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11.02.2023 Young Barista Training

Together with the Lavazza Training Center- Skopje, ShMQSh "SARAJ", and the COMBI Café, we organized the barista training for the interested members of the Saraj Youth Hub. This event is organized within the "Enhancing the employability skills of youth in Saraj", funded by the Национален Младински Совет на Македонија - НМСМ / NYCM / KRNM…

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Career Service Center

We are implementing our new project funded by the RMV National Youth Council and the European Union. Within the framework of Saraj Youth Hub we will build the first dedicated career counseling and service center for Saraj's youth and young adults. Së shpejti fillojmë me implementimin e projektit tonë të ri të finansuar nga Këshilli…

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Youth Agro Cooperative

The Youth Agro Cooperative will contribute to greater productivity of the agricultural sector in Saraj. Specifically, this project's goal is to increase market competition and cooperation between farmers in Saraj, Bojane by creating favorable conditions for the development of the first agricultural cooperative in Saraj. The geographical focus of the project is the municipality of…

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